Built to simplify chat with friends, family or colleagues and customers.

Long linear conversations grow to the point they become irrelevant. At Dooey we are striving to provide a platform where you can deep dive into the small details while maintaining a cohesive experience.

Reduce clutter and stay on topic.

Message Branching

Our nonlinear solution to chat allows you to break down problems into manageable chunks, and not lose track of the key elements of your conversation.

Get all the key players involved in a new work project, in a single thread, where the conversation grows organically and everyone can stay in the loop.

Or organise a weekend away with friends by breaking it down to location, flights, hotel, etc and always have the relevant and up to date info to hand. No more trawling through countless messages to find what you are looking for.

Surprise Selfie

Capture your friend #unfiltered, type them a message and tag it as a Surprise Selfie before sending. Wait for them to read your message and in an instant, their Selfie will be taken and shared straight back to you.

Captured in raw spontaneity we can get away from a filtered version of ourselves and have some fun.

Of course the recipient can deny sharing with you but where’s the fun in that.

Encrypted & Secure

Your data’s security is our main concern and with encryption and data security being an evolving landscape we continually evolve with it. End-to-end encryption is embedded in our technology meaning Dooey does not have access to files and messages shared on our platform.

Be confident in the knowledge that the latest industry standards will be adopted on an ongoing basis.

File Transfer & Sharing

Social users can easily share multimedia files to one-to-one and group chats. Social Pro will allow for high quality to be maintained.

Business users can share any file type with colleagues creating a single hub where conversation and documents can be shared.

Upgrade to Business Pro

Start-up is our free business only offering that allows small teams of upto 5 people to get started with Dooey. We want to help small businesses streamline their communications before growing into our Pro offering.

Business Pro allows for unlimited messaging, participants, increased storage and more. We want to grow with you and your business.

Easy to Switch & Create

Consolidate your chat to a single hub. Why limit Dooey to just a work or social tool when you can use it for both.

Take advantage of moving away from a linear conversation by using our switch to go between all of your social and work chats in a single hub.


Get the pulse of everyone involved in an instant.

Our Mission

Dooey strives to create a platform that empowers our community to communicate on their terms.

“If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product!”

Dooey advocates for our customers’ right to privacy and we underpin that commitment by not collecting and selling user data. End-to-end encryption is also adopted for all communication.

Building great products and supporting them comes at a cost and that is why we feel comfortable asking our community to make a small monthly payment to allow Dooey to continue providing great service and delivering innovation.

We recognise the less fortunate in our community may struggle to pay for Dooey so we have created Dooey Core that allows you to communicate freely with anyone on Dooey while omitting ‘Pro’ features. At Dooey we feel the social responsibility to be available for all.

What People Are Saying

Way to go

This will be perfect for my new business. I can keep individual area separated into different subtopics. Also I won't need to jump between different messaging platforms. One touch and I'm between business and friends

Tech geek 24

Dooey does it

I have been looking for an app that will manage the long and detailed and complicated messages me and my sisters have. From discussing favourite tv programmes to organising granny's birthday present to arranging a wee trip away....and the rest. It's great to be able to branch out of a conversation should a new topic arise. Then those that want to can follow it and take part...or not. Dooey does it great!!


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